bronze sculpture

Four ladies with candlelight on base sculpture was cast using the “lost-wax method” Attractive Four ladies with candlelight on base. Enhance your home, garden, lawn, or yard with this durable, weather-resistant, sophisticated statuary. Cast in foundry bronze with a beautiful patina.

Code: HLM75055
Description: Four ladies with candlelight on base
Color: VR
Dimensions: (W)21.00 x (L)21.00 x (H)55.00 CM.
Weight: – KG.
Price: $717.59
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Holme by PipBle Hike sells high quality bronze statues and sculptures, we have them more than 1,000 items, categorized into 21 collections. Our customers are home owners, bronze sculpture dealers, interior designers, project directors, collectors, and resorts and hotels.

Style: European and American Classics and Contemporary. Our products are of highest quality material and craftsmanship. Customers can choose the preferred finish of color, or patina, for each piece.

Advantage: we have delivered to over 90 countries and our products have been placed in many distinguished places, ranging from five stars hotels, Beverly Hills private homes and public spaces.

Positioning: our products are position in premium range to high class as we have selected by Interior designers, product designers, five stars hotel to be our customers.

Four ladies with candlelight on base, decorative item from Holme by PipBle Hike
Four ladies with candlelight on base, decorative item from Holme by PipBle Hike

Perfect for your garden, home, or even commercially, Four ladies with candlelight on base is an iconic figure that will start conversations, provide eye-catching beauty, and give onlookers a feeling of excitement unlike any other. When you’re ready to decorate your area with a memorable bronze sculpture, this is one piece of art you won’t want to overlook.

Care: always keep Brass/Bronze items dust-free by wiping with a soft cloth. For a more thorough cleaning; mix a mild detergent with warm water. Use a soft cloth to dip into soapy water and wipe the piece. Allow the piece to dry completely or mix 1 teaspoon of salt in 1 cup of white vinegar and add enough flour to make a paste. Apply the paste to the items and let sit for 15 min to 1 hr. Rinse with clean, warm water and polish dry with soft cloth.

Do not: use oil base cleaning products.

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Decorating Ideas for Fireplace Mantels

Adding fancy touches to your home can help express your personality. Fireplace mantels are an ideal place to add ornamental touches to fit the rest of your room decor. Regardless of the time of year, accessorize this spot in your living room to add flair to your home.

Display the Things You Love

Everyone has a few of those oh-so-special objects that need a place of honor in a room. Fireplace mantels can be the ideal spot for these much-loved items. Personalizing this area of a room can enable you to create a central focal point that’s like nothing else. Whether you have a unique vase, antique books, an ornate candelabrum, or a distinctive mirror, perch it above the fireplace to give it an honored position in your room.

The Art of Layering

Layering involves the positioning of items on fireplace mantels. You can often create a pleasing effect when you position items onto the surface with some slightly in front of or behind other items. Varying the size and height of objects helps create an attractive design. However, keep in mind that less is usually more in these cases. Overcrowding this space can make it confusing and congested. Because the eye naturally travels to this area, an overcrowded mantel can cast a negative impact on an entire room. It’s okay to leave some space in your design.

A Continuation of Colors and Materials

Assuming you have a predominant color palette in a room, arrange these colors in small ways above the fireplace. You could achieve this continuity by adding a vase of flowers in room colors or a candelabrum with similarly colored candles. If you have materials used elsewhere in the room, add a touch of these, too. For example, burlap can add a rustic touch if you drape it casually off the edge of the surface.

Mixing Mediums

The items you choose for this location should be made from a variety of materials to create a pleasing aesthetic. Glass, metals, wood, porcelain, paper, fabric, wax, and even plastic can work together for a beautiful impact. As you design your arrangement, keep tabs on the total number of materials you incorporate into the design. Adding too many different mediums can create confusion and chaos. Instead, try to maintain the mixture to four different materials at the most.

Make it Bold

Try something bold and daring. Instead of filling your mantel with lots of smaller items, mixing and layering them carefully, try just one significant piece for a dramatic flair. One huge ornate mirror or a single large painting can speak for itself without the need for anything else to complement it.

Don’t forget that fireplace mantels can vary with the seasons to continually update your room design. Make the decor lighter and more neutral in the spring and summer and heavier in the autumn and winter. Adding festive lights and garlands around the holidays is always an attractive look, too. Keep these decorative touches fresh and updated for a dynamic appeal.

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